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Originally Posted by LandscaperPro View Post
Just looking at the Lowe's trimmer rack I can tell the biggest difference would be quality of construction. Lighter weight, simple design, and less metal all around. Notice in the Lowes pic, all gas caps are facing down. Wouldn't be my preference.
well I said in one of my posts I personally added some wood blocks to keep the trimmers upright.

as for the construction of them. I've seen most of these trimmer guards, such as gridiron, green touch, rack em, etc and I don't see them being worth $200+ compared to the $75 I spent at lowes.

I've had my lowes racks for 4 years now and there isn't a thing wrong with them.

so are you saying the more expensive ones are lighter weight, simple design and less metal all around, or the lowes ones are? cause I certainly don't want some heavy complex designed rack, that's for sure. and if the more expensive ones are "less" then it's a no brainer, you don't pay more for less, at least I don't.
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