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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
Big difference quality wise on a 200 dollar mixer and 50 dollar mixer from Wal Mart.

Cutting grass is different. 40 bucks for my yard is a fair price to cut for my 10k yard. If I hire someone that cuts it for 20 bucks, there isn't going to a quality difference versus the LCO that would cut if for 40 bucks.

I think this is why so many guys get frustrated with lowballers because the end result is the same.
I don't agree. Mowing is a service, not a commodity and there usually is a difference between what a lowballer provides and what a true professional does. Denpendability, cutting at the proper height, quality of the cut, trim, edging and cleanup can all vary greatly. I'm sure we've all seen guys cutting a lawn too short, scalping edges with the trimmer, leaving a lawn looking like Clumpville, blasting houses and filling beds with clippings and leaving the hard surfaces a mess.

There are some people who just want the grass cut and don't care about that stuff, but there are others who are picky about the appearance of their lawns and the lowballers will not be able to satisfy them regardless of their price. Those are the types of customers I seek out...they're willing to pay for quality and dependability. Yeah, I have some crappy lawns for customers with low expectations, and honestly it's sometimes a relief to work on them, but I get much more personal satisfaction manicuring a nice property and looking over my shoulder as I drive off and saying to myself "damn that looks nice."
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