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I did not read all posts as well, seemed most was saying the same thing over and over. Definately not looking to center anyone out, but you know who you are. My question i have about this subject is if this the term "lowballer" comes to someone who doesnt understand costs or business so to speak. What is the term for the company out there overcharging or ripping people off so to speak for doing the work at much higher prices than can be justified, and trying to secure customers with false accusations that only a company of your magnitude or proffessionalism can provide? The work i do, i love to do and take pride in. I can beat most prices as well as quality, and still be profitable while choosing not to be big (proffessional)and in im not bashing any certain type as i do upgrade and grow from time to time. I however just choose to keep the business side simple and the work i do extravagant. I just do not look at my business as being in cometition with others in landscaping, only with myself and what i succeed yes, i set my prices with my profit in mind, only with foremost consideration and fairness to my customer im doing the work for
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