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To answer your questions.

1. You answered it yourself

2. A small load of a sandy loam will be fine

3. the old grass should be killed and if its burmuda it wont die till it actually starts growing again, then a sod cutter should be used to remove the dead turf, thats gonna be a lot of work. You will need a power tiller the bigger the easier the job will be, Id also add some gyptsim and lime befor I tilled.

4. A 36" og 48" landscape rake should get it fairly level, yes the grade should
go down from the house.

5. Before you till add a LITTLE not a lot of slow release fertilizer, Do Not water before you install the sod.

6. correct

7. Roll the tilled dirt before you lay the sod.

8 Water right after the sod is in and keep it like a swamp for at least 10 days, it will likley thake about 3 waterings per day.

Dont worry so much about the red claw the sand willl break it up and grass like iron.

Forgot to add, ask the sod farm if a preemergement is ok to put on before the sod.

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