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Originally Posted by merrimacmill View Post
This all makes sense, as I feel the START/STOP feature is by far the most important and useful of any of these features.

I played with the new time & expense tracking the other day before my trial ran out. I liked it, but was surprised when I was unable to add a photo of a receipt to an expense from the iphone view.

I did really like how on a maintenance account it will list each visit with the applicable time spent onsite.
Hi Merrimacmill,

Yeah, sorry about the picture deficiency. The problem is that the mobile access through Jobber is web based and the iOS mobile operating system won't allow access to the camera roll. This is supposed to be addressed in the newest version of iOS and ultimately will be included when we launch the Jobber mobile app.

In the meantime, you can still add a photo from the desktop interface for Jobber. It is a two step process (if you have to send the pic from your phone first) which we loath but will have to do for now.

Would you like me to extend your trial? Obviously you need to have proper time to experiment with it and take it for a test drive. With all the new improvements we have made lately, I'd be happy to give you more time. Just PM me with your company name that you signed up for the free trial if you would like me to extend it.


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