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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
One strategy that I have found effective is to irrigate one day,, when the surface has dried,,, until the water begins to puddle and make mud at the surface... the next day I check to see how deeply that water penetrated through the night and see it the roots have been satisfied...
If not I take note which areas, or zones, could use a little more and that is turned on the second time in 24hrs... Once that is determined I'm able to set a system of watering up that focusses on the needs of the plant... It gives me clues to perculation, retention and rootzone vitality...

The goal of course is to create a positive soil structure right at the surface that doesn't require watering 2 days in a row... The puddling is a SYMPTOM of poor soil structure(esp. plating on the surface) and that is the focus of this thread...
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