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All of our trucks are GMC Duramaxs. Never had problems other than front wheel bearings at 100k and brakes.

What's the point of buying a 6.0 just to dump all that money into it, then you still only have 4 studs per cylinder even with aftermarket studs and a stock powered truck.

Point of a diesel is the torque which gas trucks just don't have and that's what makes them good for towing. The LML has 765 tq, 2013 6.7 Cummins has 850 and the Ford has 800. No gas truck offered even comes close.

We owned a Ford v10 for a couple months and it barely got 8mpg empty so no thanks. My lifted LBZ Duramax gets 16.5-17 average and up to 20 on the highway and weights 7700 pounds. I can tow 20k pounds and don't really worry about it at all.
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