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160,000 miles on my lbz duramax and not a single problem besides wear and tear. In my market here i could sell this truck for 23,000 easy. ( i only paid 26,500 and put 75,000 miles on it) Guy who used to work for me had the exact same truck (same year as well) but with the 6L. Truck had 60,000 miles on it and was mint. He only sold it for 12,000. I towed a 7300 pound skid steer on a 3500 pound trailer with his truck once and i would never do it again. Yes it can be done , and if you live in a relatively flat area you would be fine, once you start towing loads up slopes the diesel really starts to shine. Im not saying a Gas truck cannot do the Job-It can. But try using a diesel for the same job and i will bet you purchase a diesel.

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