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pavers, patios, retaining walls.

I had a ton of calls last year for paver work. Patios, sidewalks, and walls and I didn't advertise for it let alone know how to do it. I've referred a lot of business to the guy in the next town who probably bought his two ztr and new dump with the business I gave him lol. Anyways over the winter I picked up reading materials and researched how to do this but I know the real art isn't in the books. I wanna try to do some small jobs like sidewalks and little patios. At the local big box store they have a design center that I can use for free and it tells me all the materials I will need and give me a price. Now here's what I have questions on. Mark up, how much is usual mark up on store bought things, I know with mulch and bushes they give us wholesale at the local landscape supply. Some say 15% some say double the mark up. Im already know my delivery rate and my install labor rate. I know every area is different so its up to me to decide my final descion on my price. Just trying to figure it out. Any help would be appericated. Also is there anyway to get a round about time frame for certain projects.
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