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Well it looks like I'll won't be starting up again this year. I had a little slip on some ice walking in my parking lot where I live a few nights ago, didn't fall over and was able to catch myself, but felt this crazy pop in my right knee. Woke up the next day and my knee felt about the size of a watermelon. Doc told me my cartalege (SP?) is, well, F&*#'ed.

Of coarse the damage has been done over the years, I've had my left knee rebuilt back in 05 from injuries while in the marine corps. Its no rodeo, and honestly it sucks when you struggle just to walk and never wanted to go through that again. I got a schedule date in April for surgery, yah, unfortantly the Army won't let me stay home and off of it for when I have to leave for 20 days in March for WAREX. Which is stupid, but another story in itself.

Not going to stay down about it, going to look to next year. This year I'll gather information, marketing materials, find a blower and a trailer, and of coarse network. Well the other thing I could do is resto the scag, its going to need some paint.

So here is to shoving to horse pills down my throat, I hate meds period, and staying busy.
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