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Wow, great thread guys! And great truck JoewMower! I am currently in New York but moved up from Boston and some of the bigger companies were starting to use those recently... Does the rear have a large ramp that pulls down? These set ups are great lawn maintenence machines! KLC..... I think that set up is awesome too! Ingenuity! Someone mentioned rain..... Take some skateboard grip tape(black magic is the best) to those boards and that won't be an issue at all.... As for dumping the walker......... I have always held myself to pretty high standards with quality and speed... My former Boss and I came up with the 1, 2, 1.... This is a very simple way to dump the walker.... (1) full walker hopper, put into (2) big green landscaping barrells, in under (1) minute. Heave Ho! and the barrells go right into the dump truck.... I know, I know, work smarter not harder.... But if you can perfect the 1,2,1 you will surely save time and maybe impress your boss while you are at it!
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