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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Looked at your website, the stripes in the background of your truck & trailer with mowers on it are very sharp! You have quite the shop for only being "part time".

I also like the removal/install behind that dark brown wood house. Everything looks great actually. What were you doing with the trench in the pic with the skid & a yellow mini ex?

I like having the company name on the mower bagger system, I'll be doing that also this year, getting my logo on everything! Do you have both trucks or sell the black 5.9 and buy the 6.7? One more question, is the gooseneck dump trailer and the longer skid trailer yours? Either way it's sweet!
The gooseneck dump is mine a friend let me borrow his equipment trailer to haul the t-250 it's was an easier load than the dump due to width. The following week I had a Deere track skid that was way to wide and heavyfor the dump trailer I think the Deere was a 10000 lb machine if I remember right. 332 maybe?
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