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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
I have said it a thousand times on this site before but I will say it again. PELTORS SUCK! They do not block noise that well and the tuner absolutely SUCKS and they generaly do not last more than 1 full season. I have had 2 pairs of them and 2 pairs of Elvex relax and the elvex blows the peltors away. Only reason I needed the second pair of Elvex was because after 2 full years I accidentally left them in the bed of the truck all winter. Stay the he.. away from peltors.
I researched the elvex because I am not completely happy with the peltors and this is what their own website sys about the relax model "We have discontinued the AM/FM model of Relax, due to numerous user complaints. We are bringing back the analog model for as long as we can get components for this model." They have the "aware" model but it is only passive radio. I was hoping these were the answer.
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