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Looks pretty good! A little bit of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism... on your controllers, instead of leaving a wound up amount of wires going to the controller from the wireless rain sensor, pull your excess into the box and cut & strip new ends so you don't have any leftover hanging around outside. Also, you might try "zip-ty'ing" the power cord to the pvc instead of all the tacks in the wall. Then turn it out to go to the outlet when it's closest. (That would be the place for the tacks.) Keep a few holes out of their wall and just "de'clutter" a bit. I'll post a photo later. I have a picture of an irrigation & low volt light job we did that I'll post.

Just a few pointers, Took a few before I figured out what looked best to me. Not saying its the best way or only way, just what I have found works for me and I think it is the cleanest install. (I can just about someone who has done it longer than me, will probably have a "better" and maybe cleaner way to do it.

Also, whoever the guy is fueling up the weed-eater in the background on the grass. Tell him to move off the people's lawn. Gas & Grass don't mix. I don't even trust myself to fill up on the grass. A little overflow and you got a nice little dead spot. Take a look at the job a guy did at the golf course I worked at a few years ago. Gas tipped over in the bed of his gator while he was edging bunkers and there is a dead line of grass connecting the dots between the bunkers. Took a while before it finally wore off.

I would also try and sell property owner on new shrubs in place of the dwarf yaupons where you removed one to avoid the bald spot. Not a big deal, it will eventually leaf back out, but will be a little unsightly in the mean time. If they didn't want to do that, come up with a shrub that is going to minimize it's appearance.

I like the azaleas and the pansies you put in. Looks good!

On the bird bath pic, might would of tried to sell customer on enlarging the bed to give everything in there plenty of room.

Again, a little CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Overall, looking good!
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