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That was just to give you an idea here we have tru green do them for 29.95 per ap no matter what size what you have to do sell your customers on you your service what i tell my clients i am here every week so i can spot a problem and deal with on a cost effective way and efficiently and not have to wait multiple phone calls to a fert company and wait till they come out. i was mowing this client for two years an he had a fert company the came out and burnt his lawn hot mix of herbicide they said they didn't do it and blamed me i said to the client i only mow so how could it be they said dull blade we sharpen each day before we go out each day.Finally an mgr came out and said i think we didn't do but we will fix that took 3 weeks and still not resolved so my client hired me for 2013 season.So sell your customers on your service and why they should hire you not price.they pay a little or a lot if its not done right price doesn't matter anymore some advice we only fert who we mow and make sure they educated on good maintenance and watering practices good luck
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