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Originally Posted by JimsLocalLawn View Post
Consider stihl. The 4mix is amazing efficient and powerful....nothing else comes close in my opinion!
Straight shaft for more digging power, curved shaft for higher blade speed. That's what I am told.

Stihl FC90 curved shaft $359 (28.4cc)
Stihl FC95 straight shaft $449 (28.4cc)

Both are considered "commercial grade" and will give you many years of reliable service. I personally use all stihl handtools. They last longer, use less fuel, and have more power than ANY other brand available. The ONLY complaint I have is they are slightly heavier than competitive models. Total cost of ownership in 10 years, you will find stihl beats everything available. Just my 2 cents.
You left out Stihl's second straight shaft edger, the FC110. At 31.4cc it's Stihl's strongest edger, I loved mine, but eventually stepped up to a KM 130 R Kombi system with the straight shaft edger attachment.

To the OP, check out Stihl's edgers as well as what Redmax has to offer. I'd skip Echo all together.
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