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Thanks, Turf Hokie

I think that I am going to try Holganix. I followed Turf Hokie's posts through this thread. He was, at first apprehensive, but willing. Then more upbeat about doing more. Now he is enthusiastic. He pm'd his # to me so I called him with a list of questions, which he answered truthfully. My concerns were as follows:
Can I use a zspray? yes with slight mods.
How is customer service? excellent. quick delivery. they call him back.
Improvements? Thicker lawns, less cleanup, good crabgrass control, reduced material usage.
He was able to keep prices the same.
Customers noticed a difference but he kept it quiet initially just in case it didn't work out.
Zspray helps him spray 30-35 lawns as opposed to the 18 pulling a hose.
He also said that the reduced need for pesticides has helped because NY is very difficult with the chemicals they allow.

What can I say? He is a solid guy with good information. I am a skeptic but as a business owner, I am inherently a risk taker and it has worked out so far. We have to have faith and take chances, but with good information. The businesses that don't will eventually get outdated and outperformed.
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