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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Actually, you have made it clear you do not, but whatever dude, think what you want.

Case in point.

If you think damage to the plant is not occurring as a result of repeated severe drought stress, you need to do some research.

Case in point again. I didn't mention any tool or device or anything of the sort. Further, a rain gauge can save tremendous amounts of water depending on what part of the country you live in. It is not used to measure applied water, nor it is used to measure ET. Why would you attempt to use a rain gauge in this fashion, that is unless you don't know what they are used for or how to use them?

In addition to that, I have never stated on any forum that a site can be irrigated properly without monitoring as you have suggested. However, I also understand that technology has allowed us to irrigate far more effectively and efficiently without having the need to be on every site daily, which is what your "wait till wilt" method requires.
Perhaps we have miss understandings,,, of what we do?..

My customer base is, 1K to 20K. Side by side,,, I like that best. High margins.
Larger properties do not maintain the minimal use of money... They cost to much.
Plus they don't have, what you might call a "tool". I call, me when IM not there.

My customers have a "COMPLETE,,, UNDERSTANDING", of their part in the yard they love. From the first meet. I know what will cost or profit. A business must.
They will be the one who turns on the irrigation per our training. They love understanding things... After my customer, learns how their landscape will function and "BELIEVE", when I visit their property that it's not,,, magic I perform,,, because I'd be rich.. "POTENTIAL CUSTOMER". I need someone to work with also.
"WE", agree IM the guy who helps them perform,,, magic. They had no idea they had. That's a "HAPPY" customer. WHO PAYS,,,PAYS,,, means more than the passing of money...

In the end,,, my customers don't often have to water. I use minimal pesticides. Webworm doesn't bother them. They understand their mowing services role.
All goes well. I coach things along with experience...the one thing they can never surpass me in. Keeping the bond between me and my "MAGIC".. Perception... Now that's a tool.

How much is your cost of businesses... It's what you keep,,, not what you MAKE.
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