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Originally Posted by GallucciLandscaping View Post
I have a 2007 Chevy 3500hd dump with the 6.0L gas and 4.10 gears. That thing only gets 7-8 mpg and it doesn't matter if I'm loaded or not. I have a few friends with F450/F550 Vito the v10 gas and 4.88 gears. They are reporting 6-8 mpg. At those numbers all you can do is hope/pray that gas doesn't go over $5
Yeah I know they don't do well on MPG's but I'm after the simplicity/lower repair and maintenance costs of a gas engine over a diesel. How's your 3500HD handle payloads/towing? I can get a new 2012 GMC 3500HD 6.0L Gas 4x4 mason dump for $31,000 so I'm leaning that way but I want to make sure I'm not buying an undersized truck...
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