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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
How do you handle the morning dew on the grass with early morning mowing 7-9am ish and not be forced to bag clippings...?

With the pending demise of other profitable yet tedious business I'm expanding 40-60% this season...still as a solo based op but hopefully a few PT folks who can pitch hit here and there. Time will tell....
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Number one, I always keep the blades sharp. Secondly, I normally double cut if dewey. There are 2 ways to double cut. You can go forth and then back over the same stripe before proceeding to the next one, or you can mow the whole yard once, then again in a perpendicular direction. I prefer the latter because it allows the cut clippings to dry out a little as the sun comes up, and it allows for the coveted "plaid stripes".
I do not however lower the deck on the second go around. I find that mowing it twice at the same deck height does better than raising the deck for the first round, then lowering it to the desired height for the second round.
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