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Selecting a trailer...

Hi everyone!

I am some-what new to these forums. Some of you might have seen the other threads I started, one seeking general start-up advice, the other looking for info on spring cleanups.

For some background, long story short I am starting up a small lawncare/lawn mowing business this summer which I will continue to build over the years. By small, I mean working solo and using non-professional equipment (for now) due to my budget.

I am looking for some help in selecting a trailer! I have done some research looking at different trailer sizes and what not, but I really have no knowledge of how I should go about choosing one.

Here's what I have, what I plan/considering getting will be marked with a (*):
Vehicle: 2001 Hyundai Tiburon (yes I know, I need a truck but I cannot afford one at the time) Im sure ill catch a bunch of sh!^ for using a car, but I gotta do what I gotta do for now. Hopefully I can upgrade my vehicle next season. I need my car now for my current job which I plan on working throughout the summer.
Specs =
Equipment: Push Mower, String Trimmer, Leaf Blower*, Edger*?, Brooms*, Rakes*, Organic Fertilizer Spreader*, Other various tools*

Next year I will hopefully have enough to purchase a commercial grade mower, possibly a walk-behind or a zero-turn if I get lucky this season.

Like I said, I will be using the Tiburon this year for certain, I think I will go with a smaller trailer and upgrade next year once I can upgrade my vehicle... Until then, I need something small enough for my car to tow, yet big enough to be able to hold all of my equipment. I can use the inside of my car to transport some equipment that cant fit on the trailer if necessary.

I appreciate all input, but please withhold suggestions like wait until next season or just get hired by somebody else for now... This is something I am set on doing!

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