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Originally Posted by TomG View Post
stuvecorp: No they don't plug the machines in, and I have never had a problem starting my loader or any of the others. I too like the hydrostatic transmission, its very smooth, i think its good for plowing.

Swampy: Yup just over a million square feet of parking spots, and that doesn't even include the perimeter and interior roads. I did snow removal there after one storm for 4 hrs and put 28 miles on the tri-axle and all snow is hauled to an on site location. Its big!
I demo/rented a Komatsu 200-5(with a 14' pusher) years ago for a storm and honestly loved the machine, that hydrostatic transmission is awesome. Didn't have too ride the brakes as the machine just slows it self, very good when it's icy. The only thing that I would pick on was the interior, thought it was plastic-y and not as nice as the newer 621's.

As for plugging in, that was something I militantly have to have. I want the machine to be toasty and ready when it's cold.
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