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Yet Another "Recomend Me a Good Walk Behind" Thread

I am picking up a Toro T2 Hydro 48 soon, placing the order for it this Friday. I was VERY close to getting the Gravely, and contemplated the Turf Tracer, but after taking a look at the Toro I was hooked. My only issue is that they only make it in a 48 and a 52, the 36 is no longer available, and I think a 36 would be great on smaller properties.

The 48 Hydro will be a good core unit for medium size properties, hills, and a good stater mower for me. I hope that in a couple of years I can get a 52 or 60 inch Grand Stand as well.

My issue is I have only tried 48 and 52 inch Toros, Exmarks and Gravely walk behinds, and I am debating on getting a 36 incher for my smaller properties once I save up enough money. Does any one recommend a good hydro drive, floating deck 36 inch walk behind? I am looking at the Scag Pro V as an option, as well as the Exmark Turf Tracer 36 and the Gravely Hydro 36. I have never tried a Pro V either, but they are less than 5k right now and I hear mixed things about them although a local LCO has one and he says it is a great unit, but what do you all think?
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