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Congrats on your new business! I first want to commend you on your displayed entrepreneurial spirit! Secondly, great job identifying a target market and developing a marketing plan. With these skills, and your oblivious attention to detail, I’ve no doubt you are already on the road to success. Rewind 10 years and I was exactly where you are at; self-employment is the way to go. For self-starter personalities, the entrepreneurial lifestyle is immensely satisfying. Kudos to you for exploring its options at such an early age.

Again, great job identifying your target group and coming up with a plan to reach them. Come up with a plan and then work the plan. However, an important part of any marketing strategy is reassessment. Monitor your response after each door hanger drop. If you are not getting a good response, shift your funds to other methods of advertising; lack of response does not mean you are failing, it just means you need to try something else.

Your “shotgun approach” in reference to services offered has pros and cons. While it may expand your market reach, it can imply low quality. I would suggest emphasizing “customizable service packages” vs. a long list of multiple services (almost saying, “Jack of all trades” which can imply master of none), and I would capitalize on a few services that you anticipate to be your bread and butter, such as lawn care. Include detailed listing of all your services on your website or in smaller font on door hangers.

Keep in mind the majority of your customers (esp. when targeting high-end income groups) will be women, many of whom will be present during service times. Women are very concerned with reliability, attention to detail, and relationships. Maintain a professional appearance (my crew works in khaki pants and golf polos when working commercial or high-end residential) and keep notes in reference to your client’s likes/dislikes, kids, pets, etc so can make personalized suggestions in regards to additional services or landscaping additions.

Other marketing venues I’ve had good experiences with: (very professional mail-outs), vistaprint (business cards, vehicle decals), weebly (easy yet professional website design), and the social media sites (facebook, twitter). Also, the $20 necessary to design and download a logo thru is well worth the effort. Keep in mind consumers relate sleek, simple designs with better value. Be sure to list your business on Angie’s List,, Google+ (all free).
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