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Originally Posted by sven1277 View Post
An armed police officer assigned to a school is one thing. I agree with that, especially for a high school. I'm not sure its necessary for primary schools, but on duty town police officers could include making the rounds through elementary schools randomly, including walking the halls and interacting with the students. That would be a much better solution than arming teachers. This is what the police sign up for. They receive proper training. Teachers don't, even if they go through the training course, its not the same. Can you imagine the potential concerns with school employees carrying firearms? Increases liability insurance for one. Lawsuits with that one time a hand gun gets into a child's hands. I know gun control is an unpopular view on this site. But if you take away guns, you take away gun violence. England is a good example. Very tight gun laws= very low gun deaths. Its a very simple equation.
That is dumbest thing I have ever heard. Look at Australia and see what happened when they took all the guns away, their gun murder rate went up 17%. Gun control just makes it easier for criminals to commit crimes and us civilians not be able to defend ourselves
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