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Originally Posted by Jlin428 View Post
Thanks everyone! From what I read here, it seems that a Spring Cleanup is approached differently by everyone. I am looking for more information on what services I should offer people, and how I should go about doing them. Thank you!

Thanks, but I am pretty certain that I want to do it myself and learn it that way. I understand where you are coming from with the advice to work for someone else first, but its not something that I am interested in right now.

Yeah, I would imagine each spring cleanup job to be different, i was just looking for some ideas for how to approach a spring cleanup. I have little knowledge in the field and dont just want to show up at someones house with nothing to say other than tell me what you want me to do. I want to be the one offering the different services and be the one guiding the customer, not the customer guiding me on what to do.

This is exactly the kind of info that I was looking for. Thank you! I definently have some questions that I will pm you with (need to figure out how to do that on this site first lol)

It keeps everything looking nicer and more built up when you add mulch on top of the old mulch

Good idea on the fertilizer tips. Im not trying to mess around with fines and all that other stuff especially with where I am at now with starting up my business. I will look into organic fertilizer though, if its legal to do it cant be that hard to do. Thanks!

The term "sustain at 4-6-4" might as well be chinese to me now, but I will do some research in the field. I assume OMRI has something to do with use without a license. I know little to nothing about fertilizer currently, but it is something that I will do a good amount of research on. (My father also worked for the Scott's company and was incharge of stocking fertilizers throughout my region, so he might have a bit to tell me as well). Thanks for your input!

Can you explain what you mean by "too much time not doing too good a job"? I think you mean don't do more work than what the person wants kinda-thing? I suppose I can agree with this to an extent, but at the same time I look at this as an opportunity to really impress the customer and get the word out about my quality of service.

Also, can you elaborate on why I shouldn't remove mulch from the beds? I thought that playing new much is almost a standard when it comes to spring cleaning from what I have read?

Thank you for your input though!
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