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Originally Posted by cedarhammock View Post
Anyone running the this mower deck combo .... how is its finish cut / rough turf , Im a Fl guy so we can get some pretty nasty grass down here .... and how do the super B's compare against a big midmont mower?

I have 3 walkers MT models ( 2 MTL's, 1 MDGHS ) and a Gravely PT 260

Thanks in advanced!!
We run 2 of them and love them. Don't know about FL turf for we deal with cool season tall fescue up here in MD which can get pretty nasty during a wet spring and we have had no problems. You will be amazed how well they cut, we certainly were. Handles the grass extremely well and saves us a lot of time with not having to clean up much beds and such when we're done.

As for comparing it to a large mid-mount, in my mind there is no comparison. If speed is all that you are looking for than a mid-mount is your answer. If you are looking for a productive, great cutting, stable on hills, nimble, and easy to maintain machine than a Super B is what you need. Don't just take my word for it, take one for a demo (and not just around a parking lot) I think you will be pleasantly surprised! While you are at it take a close look at the MB with the 48'' mulching deck. We have a couple of them too. After seeing what these two model can do you may not want to use your GHS models anymore. We don't.
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