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I can't believe you people let your businesses and clients or possible clients dictate what you do and where you do. your so hungry for business your gonna let a bunch of clients or possible clients tell you, you can't smoke in your own truck because your worried about them not hiring you because your a smoker?

seriously since when did smoking or being a smoker become such a bad image. I don't really think it has or ever will. people smoke, it's a fact of life. people drink, it's a fact of life.

if people are seriously gonna judge me and or my business based on things that have NOTHING to do with the business then I don't want them as clients in the first place. I find it disgusting as a human being that we would not hire someone or not use there services just because they smoke. that we would frown upon a business because we saw one of there employees smoking in a company vehicle or around the back of the building.

smoking it bad for your health but its not some evil thing to be ashamed of or kept hidden. and if people are that shallow to not hire or use services from people who smoke then I'm embarrassed to be part of the human race.
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