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i spray gly in beds on every yard i cut once every month or two all season long. it's figured into the regular price. i would never weed a bed or use the trimmer in a bed. spray roundup and i'm done with it for months before i have to worry about it again. i prolly spray a bed 4 times a year on average. doesn't take long at all either. it may add 5min to the amount of time i'm there that day. i just make sure not to spray any plants or bushes lol.

i do the same for weeds/grass growing through cracks in driveways/sidewalks and such and also along fence lines and around telephone poles, mailboxes, street signs, etc.

if you do it right it doesn't look bad at all and you don't have to worry about it for months. also it saves you a ton of time trimming all of those things which helps you profit more money by spending less time there. don't go crazy with it but when you use it to your advantage it will really help you out.

when you roundup around something just roundup right where the pole or whatever is. that way it kills everything about 1"-2" around the pole for example. this way you can just mow right up against it and not have to trim anything. i do the same around trees. gly isn't gonna kill a big tree. when you are mowing a 3 acre yard with 20 trees or so in it you wouldn't believe how much time this will save you. it has to be done right though and not a huge circle around the trees where it's obvious. around here the grass usually doesn't grow that great right next to trees anyways so you can't even notice roundup was used if you do it right.

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