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Originally Posted by Watching View Post
This may have been touched on later in the thread,I haven't read it all, sorry. I wouldn't recommend the lcp. The fact there is no safety and when doing the work you do in this business your doing a lot of moving around is enough of a reason for me.
I would recommend the ruger lc9 however. It has a safety, and honestly I would prefer a 9mm over a380 any day. Not saying the lcp is bad, my wife carries one. Only because her s/w 9mm was more weight then she wanted in her bag. The 380 would be fine very close quarters, but the 9mm would offer far greater stopping power.
The lc9 is also very compact. You could put in your jean pocket and go, not the best way to do it, but you could.
I will be getting a 9mm this year to add to the collection mainly for the cost of ammo.

I carry the LCP in a pocket holster that completely covers the trigger and it is DAO. The safety is between your ears!
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