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Originally Posted by cedarhammock View Post
thanks! im not all about speed but it is a nice extra

Im gonna talk too my dealer friday and get them to bring me a demo mower, plus the walker guys are gonna be at my dealer end of this month

I run 42 muchlers and a 48 discharge and I love those. The ghs is my leaf / dethatch mower ( and i picked it up for 1200 for a diesel )

I mulch most of the time ... but I discharge on my bigger stuff but your right about the clean ups. I like the gravely but it just hasnt been a walker if you know what I mean.

you dont have any pics of what it looks like after you cut high stuff do you?
I do have some after pics of stuff done with the 52" combo deck and some hill work done with a MB with the 48" mulch deck. Sorry no before pics. If you can PM me your email I'll share them with you. I can never get the pics to upload to this site.

If you are already happy with the 42" mulching deck on a GHS model you will be floored with both MB and MBS. They are much faster and more agile than the older models. They definitely handle hills better than any other machine that I have used. The newer style 48'' mulching deck is way more improved than the original 42" mulching deck that I had (and I was impressed with the original 42"). You are really going to like them. I do know what you meant when you said it just isn't a Walker but a lot of people will never get it??? Also for those who have a bad taste in the mouth from the "Old Walker" should really give the MB & MBS a try. They are truly a whole new animal worth reckoning.
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