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i just had a few mowing accounts and had customers who i did lawn care applications for.. it was really hardly enough to break even with paying for insurance, and other expenses. I could never take on the jobs i have been taking on the past month or so if i was still at that night job, there was hardly anytime to do estimates and the work i had after 12 hour night shifts and when i'd go get my trailer and go to work it was like i was working in a dream.. totally not safe. it was far easier when i worked for trugreen and clocked out at 4pm, and worked till dark and on saturday and sundays for myself. I couldn't make the progress with my business that i've made in the past month if i wouldn't have let go of the night job. the only reason i was able to do it was the amount of money i had saved, and my wife works. Its still a huge risk and at this point anything can happen, i am not to much worried about it... worse comes to worse i just go get some BS job in a warehouse until i figure out what to do next.

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I've always been a risk taker!

How many customers did you have?
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