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maybe it's just because I don't have a bad opinion of smokers that I don't really see that many people. maybe it's because I use to smoke 2 packs a day. maybe it's because when I hire someone to perform a service for me like say a plumber or electrician I could care less if they are a smoker or not. as long as butts aren't left on my property I don't care.

I actually don't pay attention to who smokes or not. when I see a truck with company info on it I'm to busy ready the info to even notice the driver, let alone if they are smoking.

guess its because I'm not that critical of people I don't bother to pay attention if someone is a smoker or not.

at any rate I personally refuse to let people dictate my personal habits during my business hours. I will go as far as to not spit directly in front of client or throw cig butts on there property but that's it. and as I said if someone doesn't want to hire me because of something like that they can hire someone else.

I'm not gonna change who I am or what I do for business. whether I smoke or not isn't important or shouldn't be. what is, is how well do I service your property.
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