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my problem with buying used is i am not to terribly great at fixing my own stuff. I have an older exmark i bought 8 weeks ago, i test ran it and it ran fine, i got it home it ran good, cut good... but i noticed on hills it was cutting out a bit, so i took it to the shop.. 1 month later and a 225 dollar repair bill, (picked it up yesterday) and i now have a $1000 piece of scrap metal in my garage that will not start.. lol. I am slowly learning how to fix things on my own, i'm better with tinkering with the 2 cycle stuff, but when it comes to mower engine, not to comfortable just yet.

So.. i've already spent $1225 and i still gotta get this thing running because i got yards to cut next month... totally wishing i would have put 2k down on a new mower now. i could still buy one cash or finance, but i'm to cheap for that now.. i need some financial cushion in case i have a bad first year. looks like i'm gonna be push mowing with the 21".. the repair places in my area are piss poor and seem dishonest, i've been burned many times trying to get equipment fixed, getting my stuff back usually a month later no different than how i brought it in, or in most cases worse. I don't even mind paying the money to get something fixed, if the mechanic would actually fix the problem. it was that way with an aerator i had last year, now with a mower... frustrating.

so yeah, thats why i don't think financing is such a bad idea sometimes..
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