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No problem, I am glad to help someone not make my mistakes. On that note, $30 is what I thought too starting out. Its not enough, in my opinion. But you only have a pushmower so that is probably your max until you can up grade to atleast a 36" walk behind. Also thinking about time spent at the yard can fool you, you have to consider driving time. Not counting driving time is the difference between $250 and $300 in a day and charging $30 and hour over $35 is the difference between that $300 and $350. I charge $40 per man hour today. So a crew with 3 guys needs to do about $1000-$1100 in a 10 hour day (taking off an hour for getting ready and unloading at the end of the day and a lunch break.

However, your right in that this is just something that you have to learn over time. Its not the worst thing to price some to low at first, you'll get some where you get burned and some where you do really well. Man just stick it out, you win some you lose some.

I was talking about building credit for the business, but having good credit benefits your life altogether. Trust me what you do now affects you in years to come when it comes to car loans, home loands, buying equipment, etc.

The first year of any business sucks. Odds are against you. I had a second job waiting tables from October to February the first two years and my wife worked full time. I didn't know about lawnsite though and learned everything the hard way. So your already one up on me!

Good luck! you can pm me anytime you have a question, glad to help if I can.
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