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Why would anyone in their right mind choose to do wrong?

I am sure some folks who have never been addicted, and on this same subject haven't had the willingness to become honest about one's addiction may either fail to understand or deny for whichever reason what follows.

Unless we are familiar with the connection between the mind, the body, the soul and God, it is possible some folks may lack the ability to grasp these concepts.

Granted, not all druggies nor all alcoholics steal and not all thieves are related to drugs or alcohol, but most crime is... In some kind of way, manner, shape or form, at least half of all people doing time in prison today are there because of it, however you want to cut it, the bottom line is that drugs and / or alcohol had something to do with it... In some cases it had a lot, if not everything to do with it.

One feeds the other, or perhaps one thing leads to another.
Drugs and alcohol separate us from God, when we desecrate the temple of our soul, we willingly give away the light that guides our souls.

That's how thieves, alcohol and drugs go together.
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