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Very good question. There are several reasons that I got this truck. I was going to get another 4 door truck anyway. I did not own a dump truck before this one. I have access to several, but you know how that goes - as soon as I needed it - it was tied up. One part of my business that I hope to grow is skid steer work. I have a large equipment trailer that enables me to carry several implements at one time - so I needed a truck to be able to handle the load. Often I need to take materials with me - so being able to dump is a big plus.
I have a dedicated maintenance truck now. It is a two door truck, so on larger projects - I can fit everybody in the two trucks.
The dovetail on the new truck just makes that truck a little more versatile. I can do anything with the new truck that I could with the maintenance truck, but with a few minutes of work - I can have a flatbed, a leaf box truck, a dump truck or whatever.

I know that answer was sorta all over the place, but in short - versatility.

Best of luck with everything this year!!
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