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Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
On the controller...The outlet was like 8-9 feet away. I was doing good to get the cord where I did. This is like the second controller I've ever installed so still learning.
He isn't fueling a weedeater LOL. Thats actually one of the roses off the rose bush. He is actually getting into an irrigation box right next to that pole. We know better
I put in exactly what the prop owner wanted. It was one of those deals that they needed something as inexpensive as possible. They needed something in the ground asap after the car crash. Those youpons grow back pretty quick, I have cut them back in the past.
Yes, that bird bath area could be enlarged, she just wanted some stuff dropped in. Maybe Ill upsell her on a new bed this year....
My mistake on the weed-eater gas. Thats funny, I knew I couldn't see that well, but thats sad when I can't see it on a screen in front of me. That is funny! I know what you mean on some of those "face lift" landscaping jobs. Many times the budgets are as tight as bark on a tree. If you are going to up-sell, you have to spend a little time with them and help them see how that money is going to make a huge difference on the front of their building. Business or homeowner. Both of them have their quirks.

Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
Dirty truck and trailer....both need a good wash.
I really like that trailer!!! Love the side ramp! What are the axles rated for?

Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
After...took me around 8-10 hrs with a bob to do this work....

Looks great!
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