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Amazing, that is exactly the answer I was looking for. That's what is so great about these new manufacturing companies, they are really pushing the envelope in terms of versatility... I actually used to work, and still put in some hours at a skid steer sales/service establishment (garfield's cousin)...(get it?) ...(haha) So I have a lot of skid steer experience and having that truck with the removable dovetail is HUGE!!!!! It's just great seeing guys innovating and using it to their advantage. I have to say that for a strictly lawn maintenence crew.... one of my favorite rigs are those new box trucks with the ramp(hydro? roll back?) They are large and there is also an auxillary dump bed in between the box and the cab for grass/dirt/mulch/stone? One guy on LS even posted one with an arm that dumped into the auxillary dump bed like a garbage collection truck! When I lived in Boston, I saw a company using one(not the arm one).... They dropped that ramp and came out buzzing with 4 walker 48's and 2 guys on the trimmers and that was for sure impressive... Good luck to you and everyone else as well this year too and just gotta say again that I think that truck is sweeeeeeet
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