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Originally Posted by PopcornFart View Post
I have tried to follow the reviews posted by everyone about the Pro Turn 400 series and bought one today. I got the 452. I am curious as to when the newer design to the x-factor deck would have been available. I have not taken possession of my mower yet and it would be great if it had the updated version. It's not a deal breaker if it doesn't but how can I tell if the one I have purchased is the updated one or not? I mean the guy could say it is and I wouldn't know one way or the other.
Excellent reviews by all of you BTW. I purchased my mower based on the info provided here on this site. Thank you all very much for your honest input. My other brand choices were the Dixie Chopper, grasshopper or Hustler.
I can't wait till the grass starts growing here in SW Florida. I think the seat is going to be the best part on my rig because of my back problems. Thanks again to all of you.
First off, congrats on your purchase!! Your going to be very happy.

I was told the new deck should be out in the spring. If your not familiar with the original discharge opening size the best way to tell the difference would be to look under the front of the deck for the adjustable front skirt.

The X-Factor cuts great just the way it is but due to landscaper feedback Gravely is making these changes. I believe this will make the X-Factor deck even better and IMO the best deck available. I felt it was already the perfect blend of Scag's and Exmark's decks but with the new adjustments it will be able to be customized to the operators preference. The bigger discharge will help spread and fan thick clippings and the adjustable skirt will allow for fine tuning of vacuum or "lift" depending on grass conditions. Gravely is very good at making in production improvements which tend to be more expensive(for Gravely) but the revised products hit the market faster! No waiting for next years model!

I hope Gravely can chime in on when the deck is officially available.

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