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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Even when I was solo I wouldn't mow for anything less than $40-$45, on a postage lot! So Yea that's how I grew my business by not lowballing. I just don't have the mentality to leave money on the table. It has nothing to do with wanting things or getting rich or any of that, it's called being in business to make money, that's why I do what I do I enjoy what I do and want to be paid a fair salary for it, and $25/yard isn't a fair salary, except for the customer who's getting one hell of a deal.
well maybe in SC $25 per yard isn't a fair salary but come to IN and try and charge $40-$45 for these $25 yards and see what happens. you'd be out of business REAL QUICK.

that's my point. the market IS different in different locations. cost of living is different as well. everything for that matter is different.

just because it costs you X amount in SC to run your business doesn't mean it cost that same X amount in IN to run it. so you can't look at what it costs you and apply the prices I'm charging and say I'm not making money. you have NO IDEA what it cost me to run my business.

not to mention not everyone has the same goals when it comes to making money. some could be happy making $30k a year. others want $50k. and still others want even more.

a fair salary? what's fair to me for any business I own or any job I work is to be paid enough money to live what I consider a decent living.
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