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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
How do you handle the morning dew on the grass with early morning mowing 7-9am ish and not be forced to bag clippings...?

With the pending demise of other profitable yet tedious business I'm expanding 40-60% this season...still as a solo based op but hopefully a few PT folks who can pitch hit here and there. Time will tell....
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Due to cold nights and hot days here in NH the dew sometimes lasts until 11am! It is critical to have a mower that mows in wet conditions to survive. This is why I dont understand why so many people dont research or even demo in wet conditions before buying equipment. I find double cutting a huge waste of time and money and rarely have to do it. I start at 7 am and even mow in the rain until the ground gets to soft. There are a few decks I have found that allow me to mow and not double cut. The Velocity, X-Factor and 7 Iron come to mind first as the best all around decks at least on northern grasses. Exmark continues to dominate the northeast despite horrible clumping in wet grass. Every morning I pass the coffee shop on the way to work and its full of guys waiting for the grass to dry. I always think to myself why would you run a business that way?
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