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Originally Posted by MEXANDME View Post
I understand how to figure voltage drop, i.e., 475 x 2 = 950 x 140w =133000 / 18960 (#8 wire) =7.02 vd. Then 7.02 + 10.5 (minimum voltage at light) = 17.52, so use the 19v tap.

My question was how does using a 22v tap for a 140w load effect the TF versus using the 12v tap for a 140w load.

I was told that on the 22v tap you can have 180w max, the 19v tap 200w max, the 17v tap 220w max, etc.

I was told that if you were to put 240w on the 22v tap, the coil would get extremely hot and burn up the TF in a few weeks.

If this is true, is there a formula/equation to figure the various senarios?


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