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10:50 P.M. Wednesday 2/6 there's a knock at the door. Frantic neighbor friend asking if we've seen her husband & child lately. She just got home from work and wondered why they weren't at there & is now going door to door in search. I could tell she was about to lose it so I volunteered to ride along in search. We check in with their friends & family for leads which goes nowhere. Lastly we stop at a notorious drug house to inquire, sure enough they just left (they being the 30 y/o dad with 2 y/o child now walking a dark road home. Zip over to their house & not there, my wife calls suggesting they are at our house. I walk in to see Steve that looks like a total Zombie. His wife retrieves her child & tells him to get in the car 'cause they are going home. I don't have to repeat the few choice words I used to suggest what kind of father he is. On any given day the both of them think it's cute to share a joint & booze but she was totally sober when considering the worst for her son. How many parents have attributed to their childs death thru drugs & alcohol? I'm sure the stats are staggering.
Steves older brother & I are the best of friends so he was the first to know where the lawn mowing money is going each week or if he ask for a front every other day. We're thinking of contacting his probation officer to step up the random drug testing.
Someone with wisdom could answer this: Years back, did fathers & brothers step in to straighten out a guy if he was turning his family's lives to rubbish?

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