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Originally Posted by THORNTON SERVICES LLC View Post
i have never used a stander before and have been back and forth on buying one , how do you rate the standers as far as handling. I do not like belt driven stuff and have not used it very much so maybe that is the case but i know a couple of areas that i mow with my hydro walk behind that a stander cannot , i mean the walk behind slides down its so steep you can barely stand on the ground , so i would probally disagree with you that a stander can mow hills that a walk behind can't but again i do not have any hours on a stander so , certainly not trying to argue , more looking for your opinion on the hillside stability of the stander , and also how does a stander with the foldable plate handle when the operator chooses to walk behind it? Does it handle bad because it needs the rear weight to balance it? Also in your opinion do you think the standers with the foldable platforms are better than the ones where you stand between the wheels? Thanks for your insight.
Lots of questions to answer on this one. I will do my best and sorry for hijacking this thread. Never tried a a stander with the foldable platform. I've heard on here that you will never use it but that's just hear say. I have a vride and a rh wright. Both are good but I like the vride better. In all fairness the rh wright is not a apples to apples comparison to the v ride. The zk wright are comparable to the v rides and might be better on hills. Never tried one. It takes a couple of weeks to get good with a stander that's why people that demo them for a day or two don't like them most of the time. The first couple of times I used mine on hills I thought I just wasted 6k. I didn't start loving the vride till I took the front weight off. Unlike you I have zero time with a hydro walk behind. I probably won't ever just because what happens when you are mowing a steep bank that is barly walkable and you slip and fall? Does the mower go down the hill in to cars houses fences?? I know on my belt wb I have zero control when the mower is uphill and the controls are over my head. If that makes sence.
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