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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
I along with about 8 others were invited to DOW in December for two days to discuss this product, their testing results and what we thought about the product and where pricing should be at.

It was a great experience to learn about this product but what impressed me most was the people there and how awesome DOW is!!!

Straight from DOW...this product is to be used early with Dimension ONLY. That is why it is being sold in a combination pack.
If it is used alone WITHOUT Dimension the efficacy of the product isn't as good.

Product also works better in the 30-40 degree weather then 50-60 degree weather. My rep even said that once it warms up you would be better to leave the Defendor OUT and switch to Three Way. The earlier the better for Defendor.

They never mentioned combining Defendor with Three Way at all. It would technically be different chemistry with redundant results and an added cost.

In my opinion you would be much better off to heat up your Three Way with Quicksilver if you are trying to heat it up.

Thank you very much for that report.

I thought it might be something that would work out great for me but I guess it does not fit the bill for my needs.

When I start my first round in late Feb the temp will be between 50-70 and only goes up from there.
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