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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
Are you sure thats a good idea? These trucks with those kind of miles seem like its 1500 at a min. every time you have a problem. Just like equipment especially when they get up there in miles the way there taken care of matters more than the number of miles. Depending on the year and make there are things to look at as the miles get higher. Using a diesel as a daily driver really is not a good use of money when your getting started, but good luck with the search.
It's hard to talk the young guy's out of diesel's nowadays. When I was younger it was fast cars, now the young kids want to "roll coal" Can't say I blame them these modern diesels are amazing. My nephew bought a newer Duramax... not a pot to piss in or a thing to pull, but he had to have it. Problem is when they break...It hurts.
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