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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
i stopped advertising for snow in 2012, then i was given another 5 accounts, but they can all be done a day later so its fine. I'm actually calling all my customers today and tomorrow and telling them if there is 2 feet and they don't want to pay for me to show up twice it will be a 100 dollar charge, if they don't like it then they can try and find someone else. if they do end up paying for me to show up twice it will be over over 100 anyways. either way, no reason I shouldn't make 3000-4000 from a storm this size if i don't i'm cheating myself out of money. quite a few customers called already and said to come twice, once friday night then saturday morning but route takes so long not sure how well that plan will work....I am however buying another truck tonight. no rust f350 351w new manifolds, new front end parts, new steering box, new tires, newer plow no rust, clean interior and clean body no dents for 2500 so i may try and register that tomorrow and use it for this storm and sell it for double because it's worth close to 5,000 all day long.
you would only show up twice on 2 foot storm?

I've never had a 2 foot storm so I can't really speak from experience but I know I make 2 visits on a 6-8 inch storm. I would think 3 visits at least on a 2 footer.

I won't push more than 4 inches of snow at a time if I don't have to. now maybe I would have to with a 2 footer because maybe I couldn't make it around to clients like that. I don't know that's why I'm kind of asking. would have thought more than 2 visits.
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