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Originally Posted by THORNTON SERVICES LLC View Post
the hydro walk behinds are fantastic in my opinion , they will mow anything that you can walk on as long as it is not real rough , very little slidding , and i use the controls that are like a zero turn mower so if you let go the mower will die out and roll very slow due to hydro system to the bottom of the hill , but its nothing like the gear units we have had a couple because i picked them up cheap and they were awful , the only downside to the walk behind is well the walking part , they pull sulkys very well but hills are challenging with the sulky's and long hours on a sulky can get old, plus you can not go in reverse with the sulkys to well and for some reason raising and lowering that sulky is very anoying to switch from walk to ride , thats why i am looking at the standers very seriously , but if they cannot do the job of the walk behinds im not for shure if it would be worth it to have one , but anyhow thanks for your info.
You won't be Disappointed about a stander after a couple weeks. Just get your dealer to let you try it for a week or two. Your list of problems with a hydro wb was enough for me not to want one. I can mow stuff with mine I won't want to try walking on.
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