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Originally Posted by EH909 View Post
Thanks to all of you folks. I defiantly won't be rushing into anything and know I have a lot of research and hard work ahead. Any and all other help and guidance will be greatly accepted. Any advice on how to go to a customer with your service without actually being able to give them a demo?
I have no idea how too pull that one off. Some people on here can but it is hard too sell yourself without the ability too have anything but a song and dance too sell. When your starting out you will have to build a reputation and sell yourself along the way. Most start out working for someone else, learn the trade and then save and buy equipment and then go at it for themselves. I am the oddity as where I bought a skid steer and an excavator without any work for them. I felt I needed them too sell my service. I also do not do much commericial work so that may play a large part in why I did what I did.
No right way too do this an I strongly recomend not getting into this trade. It can be very tough. It is not a short term commitment.
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